Chalice Joy Faehse. I hate my middle name so I just use the ‘J’ usually. There’s an inflection above the ‘i’ that makes it cha-leese and not challis, but nobody writes it that way except me. 🙂

Age: Twenty three. I’m a Gemini, my birth stone is a Rose Quartz or a Pearl and my planet is Mercury. My element is Air and I’m the Chinese year of the rooster, which I find incredibly disappointing, especially since two of my sisters are dragons…

Where I live: Melbourne.

Hogwarts house: RAVENCLAW.

Favourite films: Amelie & Moonrise Kingdom.

My favourite TV series: Skins, Misfits, The Magicians, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Death Note, The Mighty Boosh, Black Books and The OC (early seasons.)

My favourite books: Harry Potter series, Lord of The Rings series, The Hobbit, The Book Thief, Savages, Finding Cassie Crazy, Name of the Wind series, Fangirl, Eleanor and Park, Night Circus, Looking For Alaska, Good Omens, The Great Gatsby, The Magicians series.



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