For all the anime/manga fans (geeks) out there- here’s an anime recommendation. If you’re an avid fan, you’re probably rolling your eyes because this is one of the most popular/well known series…to my knowledge. As you may be able to tell, that does not extend too far. I love anime/manga but I am in no way an expert on anything. 🙂 THUS- I only recently watched this series and boy DID I LOVE IT. To put it simply, it is SO GOOD. Please go watch it. Now.

Blue Exorcist, a manga written and illustrated by Kazue Katō was adapted into a series in 2011 by A-1 Pictures. I have only watched the series but would love to purchase this in manga form and read it as well because it is definitely a favourite of mine.
The story follows the character Rin, who is the son of Satan and how he comes to realise the truth about who he is and his determination to ‘beat the shit out of’ his true father. His twin brother Yukio, who seems to have been born without the mark of a demon, is revealed to be an exorcist, and though the same age as Rin, has known about the demon world for almost his whole life and actually teaches the secret ‘cram school’ where Rin along with his band of would be exorcists, attend.


One thing this show can account for is its supply of badass characters. I honestly love them all, whether they be righteous, evil, demon or exorcist, they are honestly all faaaabulous. So I thought I’d show them to you. 😉

I read that there was also a film adaption of this show, however I haven’t investigated any further. Which I do plan to do, along with the crazy black hole of fandom that I have stumbled across. There is so much to this world that I would love to know more of: the different classes of demons, the different categories of exorcists, more history of Satan’s escapades and more information on the Okumura twins’ mother. I found the story of their mother one of the most beautiful and compelling parts of the show. (Also Shiemi and Rin’s romance I WOULDN’T MIND MORE OF THAT.) 😉 ❤

Without giving too much away, I will just say that even if you are not an avid fan of anime, you should definitely give this a try if supernatural worlds intrigue you. It’s creepy, funny, tear jerking and surprising and I cannot wait to just rave about it to anyone who will listen.

Feel free to let me know if you have read/watched/seen the film of Blue Exorcist and have any thoughts/recommendations as i would absolutely love to hear it! I will now leave you with a fan art picture of the gang at Christmas to get you into the December spirit. (Which incidentally is the Okumura twins’ birth month ❤ )