FOODIE: Snow Pony ♡


Snow Pony

95 Whitehorse Rd, Deepdene VIC 3103

On Wednesday morning I went to brunch with three close friends and my boyfriend and we chose Snow Pony! Firstly, I was impressed by the interiors. It’s charming and very brunch-spot-in-Melbourne which of course is my favourite style. 😉

The waiter seated us with a ‘a table for…oh..a million’ which hints to the fact that they have approximately…one…table that seats more than three people. That’s inside, we saw bigger tables/benches in a proper outside area at the back that we didn’t even realise existed! Though the room wasn’t in the main area which I thought was super cute, it had really nice art up on the walls and was a bit more private which was nice.

The menu was a little on the pricey side: the extras are the priciest add ons I have ever seen on a menu and some of the portion sizes are pretty small BUT luckily I ordered very well and had the best sized/best valued dish at the table! 🙂 The coffee was really good as well which you take for granted when you live in Melbourne, but is always a great nod to a nice cafe.

I ordered the smashed avocado that came with a corn salsa and added a poached egg- classic. It wasn’t big, but it left me satisfied and I really enjoyed everything! Delicious! I would definitely recommend this (if it’s your cup of tea) as it seems to be one of the most popular!

I’m excited to revisit, sit in the courtyard area and maybe try one of the sweeter breakfasts! Would recommend for the great vibey interiors, amusing waiters that will definitely enlighten some amused conversation and some scrumptious food/coffee!




FOODIE: Cafe Zen Den♡


Cafe Zen Den
736 Main Rd, Eltham VIC

Zen Den is one of my fav spots to go brunching in the Eastern suburbs. I love Eltham, it’s so beautiful and Zen Den almost disguises itself humbly within it as it used to be an old bike shop and it still has the sign hanging out the front.
With it’s healthy options for breakfast and lunch, yummy coffee and plenty of smoothies, you can brunch to your hearts content. It’s one of those reliable gems where I can get a vegetarian healthy breakfast and leave satisfied.

The interiors are homely, with nice little touches like a book case, high shelves with pot plants and lighting, and mismatched furniture to settle you in and welcome you with open arms. There is also a sunlit back yard with a few benches and tables for smokers and those who wish to bask in the cloudless days.


Zen Den is also dog friendly, so if you want to bring your pooch, you can sit outside and order the dog’s breakfast, which they will thank you for with a drooling grin. I have visited twice in the past couple of weeks, the first time ordering the Veggie Patch and the second, ordering the Corn Fritters without bacon. The Veggie Patch is a delicious homely breakfast (or lunch,hey I cannot judge) for the herbivores out there and I can personally vouch for the homemade potato hash. Yum.


Another savoury one, the Corn Fritters, I can also say are delicious. The first time I ordered these I kept the bacon, and omitting it (my opinion anyway) does not detriment the dish. It’s also a perfect sized dish, I leave feeling satisfied but not over stuffed. The avo salsa they add gives the dish a Mexican vibe, which I definitely dig, and it’s one of those dishes you can always rely on to be consistently yummy.


I definitely recommend Zen Den if you are in the Eastern suburban area. It has healthy, veggie and vegan options. The smoothies and coffee is always good and you can enjoy your meal and chats with friends outside in the sun or in the cosy interiors inside. Cool and friendly staff, humble and homely location and great food! Stay Zen foodies.




Fish & Burger Co: Burgers, Fish, Lunch/Dinner
1001 Doncaster Rd, Doncaster East, VIC

When this trendy burger place opened up in Doncaster I was so excited. It’s a cool vibey place with it’s brick interiors, industrial feel with hanging/exposed lighting and wooden seating. It’s expansive menu features burgers, fish and chips, tapas style share snacks and the odd dessert and drink.


The first time I ate at this place I had a crumbed chicken burger and my boyfriend had the ‘Hey Hombre’ Mexican style beef burger. Though I am now a herbivore, I thoroughly enjoyed the chicken and I hear the beef is SPLENDID (if you’re into that kind of thing.) They have two choices of chips and all the fried seafood you could ask for. (I don’t eat seafood so I guess you could actually ask for more if you really wanted.)

They also have salads, rices and healthier sides which is always a plus for those of us watching our figures/general wellbeing. Also, much to my great delight, the veggie option burger is AMAZE. It’s a falafel patty with a grilled eggplant and it’s absolutely delicious. I order this with the herb chips and to be honest I’m getting extremely hungry even writing this.img_4875The staff are friendly and helpful, the wait is never too long considering its pretty much always busy, and its fairly priced given what it is. A burger with chips will set you back about $12-16. It’s an awesome place for the eastern suburbians with a huge range of choice! There is so much to try, and I cannot personally vouch for all of it, but I have heard great reviews of the salads and seafood as well as the burgers from friends!

If you live in the area, go give it a try!



The Grain Store: Brunch/Lunch/Coffee
517 Flinders Ln, Melbourne VIC 3000

For a little ‘two and half years together’ celebration, my boyfriend and I came to The Grain Store for brunch before a cute little visit to the Melbourne Aquarium. It was a beautiful day in Melbourne and this place was absolutely BUZZING. You cannot book for less than 4 on a weekend, so we had to chance it. A waitress told us there would be a half hour wait which was slightly disheartening because of how hungry I was, but when we went to get our name on the list, the manager told us only twenty minutes and it actually felt shorter than that. So yay!

I really liked the interiors, decorated with mini pumpkins for, presumably, halloween. We were sat at a group table, which had plenty of room so that was A-OK with us! 🙂

The hanging lights, the industrial ‘trendy’ Melbourne vibe and the spacious but bustling room I thought was really cool and really matched the vibe of the place. The waitress and the manager were European and everybody was super friendly!

IMG_4138 IMG_4136
The menu was GLORIOUS and so hard to choose from! Everything looked amazing and super tasty, and when the menu immediately makes you decide to come back again before you’ve even tasted the food, you know it’s a fab spot!
I ordered a latte and the boyf ordered a Dark chocolate hot chocolate. The coffee was really nice, however as soon as my brunch arrived I realised I would not be able to finish my coffee! I always have trouble with dairy based dishes if I have ordered a dairy based beverage to go with it. I’m so forgetful that I never remember this unless coffee is sitting in front of me and my body reminds me, tutting and rolling it’s eyes. Luckily, the boy to the left was able to finish it for me because we both cannot stand wastage! 😉
His Dark hot chocolate was really yummy but far too rich for me and after finishing my coffee, it was a bit too much for him too! (But yummy. I would recommend that if you’re just coming here for coffees/snacks!)

IMG_4139 IMG_4135
So the service was attentive and friendly and the orders were really fast despite the ridiculous busyness of the day! I ordered the ‘toasted granola parfait and chia yoghurt’ which was first, very pretty and second, very yummy. The toasted granola was scrumptious, with rhubarb and pear on top with the chia yoghurt. At the bottom is lemon curd, which is absolutely delicious but quite overpowering. I definitely recommend trying to mix that through for everything otherwise the granola at the bottom will be absolutely soaked in the lemon curd and it is very very sweet!! It came with quinoa milk which was really nice, and I used almost all of it on the granola.

The boyf ordered the ‘dry cured bacon & smoked mozzarella bagel’ which looked and tasted soooooo good!!!! I was a little bit jealous of this savoury option, because my dish was quite a lot sweeter than I had thought it would be. I thought the cheese would be overpowering which I’m not a massive fan of, but I had a couple of cheeky tastes and it wasn’t! The egg and relish tied it all together and I remembered that I loooved bagels. Food envy. He was incredible happy with this, saying it was one of the best breakfasts he had ever had!!

Definitely would recommend this very popular Melbourne spot hidden on Flinders Lane where I feel I would never come across it unless I was looking for it! I will definitely be going back to try their green breakfast and their corn fritters, and I would also love to go there for coffee and afternoon tea! There was an island in the middle right of the space, in front of our table, which show cased their bits and bobs for afternoon and morning teas!

I would go there on a weekday to avoid the craziness, but as I experienced, even at their peak time, the wait isn’t off putting and the service is still fabulous! Thanks Grain Store!

IMG_4137 IMG_4143


FOODIE: Three Monkeys Place (2) ♡

Three Monkey’s Place. All day breakfast/lunch. 
2 Jackson Ct, Doncaster East VIC 3109

Another post on Three Monkeys! They alter and mix up their menu according to season and they’re just a reliable brunch option. I came here for a spring day brunch with my Mum and little sister on Grand Final Day (which i care nothing for haaaa.) It was very busy, but we managed to luck out and arrived just as a small group were leaving so we got a table immediately!

They were running out of their juices, their system was down, but all of the waiters were still prompt and friendly and we ordered fairly quickly. IMG_4030I got an iced coffee and my mum ordered a latte- their coffee is always yummy too! In hindsight, I should have stuck with water because I never remember that I cannot order a milky drink if my meal is dairy based too. Silly me. I was craving caffeine though, and they agreed to put the remainder of my iced coffee in a takeaway cup when we left! 🙂

Pictured above is their popular ‘Sweet Monkey’ roti pancakes which my mum ordered. I tasted it and it was relish! Perfect if you want a very sweet breakfast. Lots of banana with a few berries and mascarpone, surrounded in crunchy granola pieces with pomegranate juice. More than anything, it is bloody pretty! I just love the presentation of everything at Three Monkeys! Melbourne is very good at pretty foods.

The ‘Shroom’ breakfast was my sister’s choice, with mushrooms, avocado, feta, spinach and toast. Simple and delicious! In my opinion there was very little avo! I would have asked for more if it my breakfast, but my sister wasn’t bothered. A more savoury option and would go great with an extra poached egg!

My order was a very yummy apple and honey porridge. It was coated in granola and nuts, with a dollop of greek yoghurt, a few fresh berries and lots of sweet pomegranate seeds! The fresh raspberries excited me because they are legit my favourite food, and in Australia, they cost about $5000 for ten.

Aside from being very photogenic, this was a very delish breakfast which I would definitely recommend! I was left with a lot of left over porridge, because the serving really is enough for two and I felt terrible for the wastage. I blame my iced coffee! Trying the lunch options is next on my agenda, but I always get reeled in by the breakfast!



Wolf & Hound: coffee/brunch
60 Pin Oak Cres, Flemington VIC 3031

IMG_3575      IMG_3571

When I was 17, I gave one of my friend’s a moleskin journal filled with drawings, in jokes, stories and collages of magazine photos for his birthday. I had completely forgotten about this until fairly recently I was at his house and he showed it to me. It was just so weird- the fact that I spent so much time on this journal and then had completely forgotten about it’s existence, while for five years it had been quietly living away in his room.

journal-pages---lots-of-inspiration-for-using-a-this-and-that-book.(this is not the journal- credit to jennifer frith. but you get the idea.)

About halfway through the journal, I had put a review of a cafe called ‘made’ that I got out of frankie magazine. It looked like a cute little place and I had written beside it ‘I told you I wanted to go here and you said we should.’ And five years later, he took me there for my (belated) birthday. It wasn’t ‘made’ anymore, but ‘Wolf & Hound.’ Still just as cute, and the chai still amazing. (The review raved about the chai and we promised to get it.) Definitely get the pot of chai if you go there. yummy.


We got lunch: muffins with beetroot hummus, beetroot relish, feta, spinach, pistachios and prosciutto. (Im not a fan of prosciutto so my friend got a double helping.) It was deeeee-lish! It was their special, so they may not have this dish permanently, but I recommend it anyhow. They had a muffin dish on their little menu that was sweet- with hazelnut spread and fruit- so I’m keen to try that one day too.


It’s a tiny place, with one barista and one waitress. The design is simple, clean and ‘cool.’ Little succulents with the sugar on the tables, artwork on the wall and graphic designed logos on the entrance window and on the business cards. There are also little fluffy biscuit/cakes with nutella filling that looked amazing, so I’m determined to revisit this little cute spot in Flemington just for those. (And the chai.)


Cute place, lovely story/memory and a happiness that can only come from yummy hot drinks and great friends.



Three Monkey’s Place: Breakfast/Lunch
2 Jackson Ct, Doncaster East VIC 3109

   IMG_2958         IMG_2959

I was THRILLED when this place opened, because it’s so close to my old area/my boyfriend’s house (my living situation is interesting at the best of times.) A trendy little cafe/brunch place right in the heart of Doncaster- who knew?

I took one of my little sister’s here for her birthday brunch, and I had been here once before. The first time, I ordered the smashed avo- always a solid choice- with a perfect perfect poached egg. It was fab. This place has a really sweet outside area with garden and exposed brick. The inside is also pretty cute- wooden tables and bench seats with little flower vases.


I ordered the Muesli with rose infused yoghurt and fresh fruit. My sister ordered the Eggs Benedict with extra mushrooms (ew.) We both loved our hearty breakfasts’ and I would definitely recommend this place to anybody in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne.

I always judge a brunch spot initially- on the aesthetics of their dishes. And ain’t this a pretty one? Their hotcakes are also on my list as they look pretty amazing. The only improvement I could have given my breakfast was a touch more yoghurt. It was tasty-tastey but I was left with a bit of muesli at the end which was delicious- but too dry to eat by itself without the yoghurt and fruit I had already inhaled. And yes I could have asked for more yoghurt but I was as full as a goog. 🙂

My lil sister thoroughly enjoyed her Eggs as well- when she cut into her poached eggs…oh man. They do it right here. I also bought her a birthday Cronut when we finished. Their muffins looked pretty amazing, but I was too damn packed up full of muesli. The quality of coffee varies, my first visit was really good and this time it was standard, but not super duper up to Melbourne’s finest standards. But really- not much of a complaint. 🙂

Three out of three monkeys.