▲FILM: COWSPIRACY: the sustainability secret


Cowspiracy literally changed my life. This documentary is filled with things that most people would prefer to remain ignorant about. Even the title makes people think- oh, this is another film about vegetarianism/veganism, I’m going to ignore it. If you choose to eat meat, and you love it and are used to your lifestyle, a lot of you will want to argue with everything just because you feel defensive of this fact.

Now, I’m only very recently a vegetarian. I have never eaten much meat, mainly a little bit of fish and chicken and very very occasionally, some red meat in pasta etc. I always wanted to make the change but it is easier to just…not. But as I’m growing older and becoming more passionate about seeking out knowledge about my world, food, nutrition, sustainability and the truth about how industries work, I decided to try and make the change. I want to be a better human being. I want to do my part in saving the world from this shit storm we are putting it through and I want to stop ignoring my morals.

Cowspiracy is a documentary about how animal agriculture really effects our world and why environmentalists aren’t preaching this fact loudly and clearly. The facts and figured shocked me. I cried numerous times throughout different aspects of the film. Mostly, when it shed light on how animals are treated, even on the farms that label themselves ‘sustainable.’ It shows that making the conscious decision to not eat meat is not only about caring about the animal’s welfare and life. It is about so many other species who are becoming extinct because of the land that is being turned to livestock farming. It is about the acres of rainforest and our ocean being completely pillaged. Within years our ecosystems are going to completely collapse- for what? The chance to eat a dead animal because we like the taste and its easier to just ignore it and eat what you want.

I know people argue incessantly about these subjects, everyone thinks their opinion and what they have been exposed to is the right thing. Basically, we are selfish creatures and we are all going to do what we want to do. I am just imploring that everyone, everyone, EVERYONE at least watch this, and whatever other information/docos/whatever they need to educate themselves, and then make the decision they feel is right for them.

It is a personal journey. I myself have chosen to stop eating all meat. I may slip up every now and then but informing and educating myself makes that way less likely. I am also making vegan changes as (which cowspiracy will show you) dairy farming takes up way too many resources, and when I think about it, it just doesn’t make sense that we eat it. Also for heath reasons, my body does not react well to dairy. However I am still choosing to eat eggs and may have dairy occasionally. I may one day call myself vegan, but again, it is a slow journey that we all have to make for ourselves and our bodies and our world.

I am no expert, but I am an advocate for knowledge. You can buy the film from the website or you can watch it on Netflix. Please do. x

COWSPIRACY TRAILER: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nV04zyfLyN4

COWSPIRACY WEBSITE: http://www.cowspiracy.com


WISH LIST ✮ pt 1

Sue me. I’m already writing a Christmas list… but of course, I’m being a wee bit optimistic. It’s really more of a wish list, of things to save up for. I’m currently paying off bills, saving for a car and planning trips overseas. So of course, I never have money to spend on pretty lil things. So why not document them? And perhaps you, reading this, might see something you want to invest in too! 🙂

CANON G7 X- $500-850. I want it for vlogging/making YouTube videos. Most of my fav YouTubers use this camera and it just seems such good quality for a little handheld camera. Also on my list, is Final Cut Pro, which is so expensive but it such a necessity. TROUBLES.


JURASSIC PARK T-SHIRT- $25-40. This iconic/vintage tee can be bought from a variety of places online, I just need to find the best one! I recently re watched Jurassic Park and it’s just SO DAMN GOOD. I actually loved it and now I really want this t-shirt!
Buy It Here!

jurassic-park-stone-logo KJSN006.jpgdf

Plants Tee/Crop- $23/30. This adorable tee from Etsy reads ‘I Like Plants Better Than People.’ I like both the tee and the cropped tee version- not sure why the crop is more expensive. Maybe it’s just more popular. Waaant!
But It Here!


Wooden Statement necklaces: $40. These. are. BEAUTIFUL. I found these on Tumblr, and this etsy shop is just full of gorgeous stuff! The clocks are also amazing, my favourite being the bear one which is around $230. Really, I’d love everything.
Buy It Here!

il_570xN.820652051_g8zc il_570xN.820883550_dw56il_570xN.744308084_ngge

Harry Potter: house covers- $275. My life ambition is to own every cover of Harry Potter there is. I know. I’m very very cool. But these….THESE I NEED NOW. They are the coolest and most beautiful covers um…EVER. I’ll take the Ravenclaw ones please. stat.
Buy It Here!


I Left My Noodle On Ramen Street- $32. Devendra Banhart’s book of drawings and paintings. Devendra is my favourite musical solo artist and I would love to own his weird little book that acts as an insight into his fantastic, weird, amazing mind.
Buy It Here!


Urban Decay: Naked Smoky Palette- $81. I only own the first Naked palette by Urban Decay and I absolutely adore it. Also on my wish list are 2 and 3, but I might want the smoky the most. If you’re lucky enough to live in America, this will be a lot cheaper. Unfortunately, makeup is a lot pricier down here in Australia. Here, I would buy it from MECCA. If you live in other countries, I assume it would be somewhere else. 🙂
Buy It Here!

i-022211-naked-smoky-eyeshadow-palette-1-940 i-022211-naked-smoky-eyeshadow-palette-3-940


ASMR: a perceptual phenomenon and a personal epiphany.

For years (I have no idea when it started) I have experienced this ‘thing’ and never bothered trying to explain it to others. Once I tried, and became frustrated with my poor explanation, which was, something like: a weird tingly feeling when I’m watching someone doing something that they are really concentrating on, usually a girl, and usually it’s playing with their or someone else’s hair, or drawing. I remember I noticed it in high school classrooms and on busses.


Then- one day late last year I was on a random Buzzfeed article about ‘weird places on the internet’ and I came across a description of ASMR. My eyes widened as I read further, and when I researched and came across the actual definition…

Autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a neologism for a perceptual phenomenon characterized as a distinct, pleasurable tingling sensation in the head, scalp, back, or peripheral regions of the body in response to visual, auditory, tactile, olfactory, or cognitive stimuli. The nature and classification of the ASMR phenomenon is controversial, with strong anecdotal evidence to support the phenomenon but little or no scientific explanation or verified data.

I thought…Oh. My. God. I literally had a fucking epiphany. I had ASMR! THAT is what that feeling was/has always been! I was suddenly extremely happy and wanted to tell everyone about my new knowledge… but I realised it still sounded too weird/pervy to explain to others who have no idea what you’re talking about.

A link from the article was an ASMR video of the user albinwhisperland.
If you have/experience ASMR then you will have most likely found yourself in the ASMR corner of YouTube. There are different triggers for different people, mine are still mostly drawing and hair play, and so not all videos or creators will work for you. Alb is definitely my favourite, and I have honestly not been able to find anybody else that works for me!

ASMR is usually soft spoken or whispering, because as well as the ‘tingly’ sensations it can bring on, it is heavily related to relaxation and many people use it to unwind and sleep at night. Even people who don’t experience ASMR may find some of the content relaxing and could use it for this purpose.

Because I now watch these videos fairly often, mostly before I plan to sleep, I have noticed I am experiencing the ‘tingles’ less often, and that’s why I’m on my hunt for new and different video makers, however nobody sits as well with me as alb. She does a variety of videos and experiences ASMR herself. She has another channel which she uploads everyday videos on, and this side channel is strictly catered to ASMR. She is a cartoon artist so luckily for me, some of these videos are drawing based. She also plays with tapping sounds and package sounds quite often, which are two big triggers.

I still think everyday instances are the most effective way to achieve the feeling- but it’s definitely not available ‘on demand.’

It’s funny telling people about this, because it’s easy to jump to the ‘sex’ association, which I think frustrates a lot of the ASMR community. When I started to read comments on ASMR videos I noticed I was expecting all manner of pervy things, when in actual fact everybody was simply friendly and open to their own personal experiences. Still- trying to explain it to my boyfriend is pretty hilarious as he watched a video of ‘tea cup show and tell’ and looked at me like I was insane.

It would be awesome if this post resonates with anyone who either already knows they have ASMR or didn’t even realise! Let me know! 🙂

ALB: https://www.youtube.com/user/albinwhisperland



I’m sure everyone has a list as long as one of those medieval scrolls, but here are my current GIRL CRUSHES:


tumblr_nkl9tgUH6p1rqsltgo1_540          tumblr_nltd7763Yz1ur8eoio1_540 Jess is total FASHION GOALS. She’s one of the most beautiful people on this earth in my opinion, and her style is very changeable. She changes it up between sporty/casual, TopShop sheek and upper class-y. She is one of my favourite YouTube bloggers, specialising in Hauls and Lookbooks. She vlogs occasionally, and does beauty/sit down videos too.

tumblr_nlu94fI73r1rcn1qfo8_250          tumblr_nlu94fI73r1rcn1qfo4_250 tumblr_nlu94fI73r1rcn1qfo3_250          tumblr_nlu94fI73r1rcn1qfo2_250

Her accent is the best ever. She is English, currently residing in Edinburgh for University. Her parents are a Doctor and a Lawyer, respectively, so even though she does make profits from YouTube, she is also blessed with family money. Her boyfriend is a Photography student and films her Lookbooks for her, so they are always framed and photographed super beautifully. I found one of my favourite songs from one of her Lookbooks- ‘Jaigantic’ by Tora. I thank you for that Jess. ♥ Jess is that perfect combination of edgy and girly. She has piercings all along her ears as well a nose ring. (She’s a constant reminder of how much I want one.) She also has a large tattoo on her back which you rarely see in her videos, but she has shown a couple of times as well as an infinity symbol on her side ribs and a small word on her arm reading ‘loved.’ Her jewellery is minimal but she’s always wearing her ‘thirteen rings.’

tumblr_n6uxb1b68G1r7csojo3_540           tumblr_n6uxb1b68G1r7csojo1_540 What can I say- I bloody love her. SUNBEAMSJESS on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/sunbeamsjess


tumblr_nn6sr8ok4G1sfmaido1_500       tumblr_nmzthegKYN1twximto1_500Cara is one of the most popular people…probably in the world at the moment. She rocketed through the ranks of a modelling career, being the face of Burberry and working for Chanel. She’s best friends with Kendall Jenner and just did a Chanel campaign/short film/music video with Pharrell in which she showed the world that alongside being one of the hottest humans ever, being a smashing model and wiggling her way into acting SHE CAN ALSO SING?! Life is a cruel mistress.


The best thing about Cara (aside form her eyebrows) is how she makes it so clear that she is a normal human being. She’s an absolute weirdo, and it’s beautiful. She can go from surely-youre-not-real sexy to the complete dork she really is in under a second.

tumblr_nn3regSr641u2gw7go1_250                  tumblr_nn3regSr641u2gw7go2_250

I adore Cara’s morals- just as a human. She is big on LGBT rights, being bi-sexual herself (though you should be big on equality no matter who you are) and she is just one of those people who really resonate with everything I believe in. ♥ AND YES- she is making her way into the world of acting! She is playing a small part, as a mermaid (perfect) in PAN which is coming out in the next couple of months. I am a huge fan of Peter Pan so I’m VERY EXCITED. And as any fan of Cara, John Green or Young Adult Fiction will know- she is playing the role of Margo Roth Spiegelman in the film adaption of John Green’s novel Paper Towns.

tumblr_nn7o6jwpZx1rhuy99o7_r1_250                    tumblr_nn7o6jwpZx1rhuy99o6_r1_250

I had mixed emotions when I saw the announcement on Twitter- as I’m a big fan of both but I had never seen Cara in an acting role before and Margo is written as a short curvy Jewish girl with shorter brown hair. A lot of people had issues with her being cast as a leggy british model. HOWEVER John Green tweeted his appreciation, saying that Cara blew everyone away in her audition, and that she really understood the character of Margo. Gotta trust the author. He’s always been one of my favourites since before everyone knew his name from The Fault in Our Stars, so I hold his opinion pretty highly. I also love their friendship. It’s like worlds colliding for me, and I bloody ship that friendship!

tumblr_nf8n289Haj1qjhzvpo1_500           tumblr_ngfseqlwLy1qjhzvpo1_500

Go follow Cara on social media. She’s great. You know what to do.

KATHRYN PRESCOTT ACTRESS/PHOTOGRAPHER tumblr_nhqbp9f4RM1s4xbv4o1_500              tumblr_nn0ycaFhfH1u44y7ho1_500 Kathryn is popular from her role as Emily Fitch in Skins, second generation. That’s where I found her, and instantly, in my head, she was my girlfriend as well as Naomi’s. She’s now a Photographer and playing the role of Carter in the show Finding Carter.

tumblr_nj770ahGZp1s7tmc6o4_250            tumblr_ngbt7zNwvx1u3h5xoo1_500

I think Kathryn was my first proper girl crush. ♥ I was instantly obsessed with Skins when the first season came out in high school, I got all my friends on to it and recently my younger sister watched it all and I remembered how much I bloody love it. It’s depressing as all hell but it holds a special place in my heart, especially Emily & Naomi’s relationship.

tumblr_nfcp1r5snc1tm4s33o1_500        tumblr_ndy807o0R11tdprrbo1_500I’ve only just started Finding Carter, and I try to follow what she does in the world of Photography, but unfortunately she’s not big on social media. I follow Megan however. 🙂 (Her twin sister.) Ah Kathryn. If only you liked girls in the real world, then we could fall in love.

tumblr_nl781uxAB01s7tmc6o1_500           tumblr_ned5yrMU8k1u2nj0xo1_500

ZOE SUGG (ZOELLA) BEAUTY/VLOGGER YOUTUBER tumblr_nn4uh3yV9M1ttd86so1_250          tumblr_nmg62zrlkG1tlg04bo1_500

Zoe is one of the biggest YouTubers at the moment! If you’re into YouTube vloggers- you know who she is. She just turned 25 and she lives in Brighton, England with her boyfriend Alfie (PointlessBlog on YouTube.) Zoe and Alfie quickly became one of the YouTube community’s favourite couples. tumblr_nlzo12ZbCq1tvoh8uo2_r1_500            tumblr_nlzo12ZbCq1tvoh8uo1_500 They both have accomplishments beyond their many subscribers. (Zoe has almost 8 million.) She released a range of beauty products in 2014 including a bath fizzer, a candle, a body wash and a body mist, as well as the Young Adult Fiction novel ‘Girl Online.’ Yes, of course I bought & read the book. It’s very teenage-y and cute!

tumblr_nmv2x22tys1s0oevco1_400               tumblr_ni014dV7Qk1sa63jwo1_500

Not to mention TWO Teen’s Choice Awards. Clearly, she is very loved.

tumblr_mwym040BCc1sa63jwo1_500 tumblr_mwdzwtAGHs1sa63jwo1_500

Zoe mainly uploads beauty and fashion videos on her main channel, but her second channel is my  favourite, where she vlogs sporadically and lets you in on her daily life with her friends, Alfie and their pug Nala.

tumblr_nmk5o6xBov1tvoh8uo1_250              tumblr_nmfr3lGMhZ1qenlbro1_400

She is my favourite person to watch, as she is so beautiful and relatable. One of the things that makes her so relatable is the fact that she openly states her troubles with anxiety and panic attacks. A lot of young people struggle with this, and occasionally don’t even understand it until it is explained or related to them. ♥

tumblr_nmut7qxWDv1triljdo1_250              tumblr_nmcunkBoxb1tfyx6wo1_500

Zoe also took part in the Great British Bakeoff for Red Nose Day aaaaaand, her and Alfie just announced that they will be the first YouTubes with wax figures made of them in Madame Tussards! Team Internet really is taking over the world.

tumblr_nmt11lOgtV1tty0d6o1_500            tumblr_nmu3uvCqVH1upxywco1_500

She’s so down to earth, modest, and real. She’d rather stay in than go to a big party, three of her best friends are mums, and she’s constantly singing disney songs. I just wish that when/if I ever meet her, it’s a bit more natural and less like the many crazy teenage fans she gets every time she leaves her house. It’s still weird to me that I’ve been into YouTube bloggers since I was fifteen, and now, they actually ARE celebrities. It seems like the best job in the world- but especially for those like Zoe & Alfie- it can be a bit nuts, getting to the stage where fans find out where they live and go and wait outside their house. Not cool. C’mon world, use your brain!

tumblr_nm3enaxCup1tuh0dno1_500             tumblr_nh6ltpa5us1sa63jwo1_500

All in all- I love team internet. Especially you, Zoe. You’re one of my inspirations, both in style and attitude.

tumblr_nh8e9uhJIG1sa63jwo1_500 tumblr_nm1rf8llUp1qenlbro1_500ZOELLA on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/user/zoella280390 MOREZOELLA: her second channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/MoreZoella