TRAVEL: The Mansion in Bali ✈

The Mansion Resort Hotel and Spa is a luxury hotel for travellers located in Ubud, Bali. A blissful getaway, this hotel is perfect for the travellers looking to treat themselves to some style whilst in Indonesia.
Located up on the high hills of Ubud, you will be refreshed by the cooler airs in this hot and humid climate. You will be surrounded by the magnificent green of the abundance of trees and plant life that make you truly believe you are on a tropical island.

My favourite thing about staying at The Mansion was that it wasn’t just a huge cemented hotel with stark white walls and the feeling of where you truly were, sucked away from you. It was strongly, in essence and life, Bali. 

The hotel has four pools and two dining areas: Indochine, the in hotel restaurant looking out onto one of the blue lagoon pools and the surrounding forest, and the relaxation area with the main pool where you can order from their menu anything you like to wherever you happen to be!

The resort plays house to an outstanding 151 rooms which is almost unbelievable when you are standing in the resort and wondering where they hide them all! The Mansion, as the name suggests, is huge. However because of the design of the place, authentic and haphazard, it is hard to believe how many people they can actually accommodate. I visited in an off peak season so even when there seemed to be quite a few fellow travellers around, it couldn’t have been anywhere close to half full capacity! This suited me incredibly well because it meant more chance of a secluded pool and more privacy exploring the grounds!

The rooms range from ‘Deluxe double/twin’ to full blown ‘Presidential Suite.’ I stayed in the most basic of room choices and it was incredible! We had a stone bath that sunk into the floor, plenty of room with a joining toilet and ‘relaxation meditation bed’ and our two beds looking onto a flatscreen TV and minibar. We were situated in the ‘Wind and Earth’ section, which was a little walkthrough housing five rooms flagged with two lily ponds. Our room was ‘Cinnamon Wood,’ as all of the rooms (apart from the major suites upstairs in the main building) were ‘____ Wood’ instead of a dreary number. I loved the quaint character that was springing up from everywhere you looked!

Our first night at the Mansion (I haven’t mentioned, I was travelling with my dear papa,) we were jacked up on travel bliss! After a few cocktails, we explored all that we could within the twists and turns of the resort. We found many empty rooms, private pools, art galleries, a gym, countless dining options and our favourite, a treehouse! We climbed up the steps and were delighted with the view of the surrounding area: ‘The Sun Bliss Pool Lounge.’ The treehouse had a small dining table and two chairs and we remind there for the evening. A palm tree exists through the floor of the treehouse and the tiny birds and exotic bugs fly to the vegetation overhanging the bamboo roof.

We later found out from a notice board in reception, that you can order an attendant there for the night (for a price) and have your dinner and drinks served directly up onto the dining table! I’m sure in peak season, this would be done quite a lot, however for us it was a quiet, secret solitude.

There are also four resident cats that you’ll catch strolling around the resort! We met our favourite night one, moseying around Indochine looking for food. It took a liking to us after that because Dad gave her some of his lamb chops which she rightfully adored. We never found out whether or not they were indeed pets of the staff or simply stray wanderers, but my money is on the latter. The tiny tabby later hovered around us most breakfasts and we would hand her small sausages on the sly. All of the cats were exceptionally tiny, as one thing you have to deal with when visiting Asia is the vast amount of stray cats and dogs wandering the streets. A few lucky ones make homes in resorts and around hotels where they are humbly accepted as part of the decor and subtly given food where and whence the visitors can spare it.

I would definitely recommend this hotel to anyone travelling to Ubud looking for a hotel a cut above the rest! Bali is known to be ‘a cheap holiday,’ and even though this place has a few more required dollar signs, I would definitely recommend it as an experience! The staff are beautiful and accommodating, the relaxation areas will bliss you out and though the food/drinks are a little pricey, you can stand a few room service orders between the travels into town because they provide a free shuttle every two hours from 9am-7.30pm!

Treat yourself to a luxury stay in paradise on your next Bali visit!

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In June ’14 I finally left my country for the first time and jet set off to Europe. I went with my Boyfriend for just over a month. Not nearly long enough. There were definitely things that disappointed me, or didn’t live up to my expectations, and a lot of things felt kept going wrong. But for the most part- i loved it. I am a person filled with wanderlust, and finally travelling overseas has just inspired me more to go to every single place that I can.

Everybody would ask us (upon our return) ‘What was your favourite place?!’ and honestly, I could never answer. I spent the most time in Amsterdam, and absolutely loved it. I have always had a fascination and love for the UK, so London was really exciting for me, and a place that I plan to live for a while at some point, Switzerland (Lucerne) was definitely the most beautiful along with Venice, but none of these were my favourite. I think I’m still waiting for that.

We first arrived in London, brimming with excitement. We stayed outside the main hustle and bustle, quite close to Hyde Park. Even grocery shopping and getting breakfast at PERK were beyond exciting. The first day we arrived, we went there, had a coffee, and watched the streets through the window. There was a TARDIS outside the window on the street corner, and this almost made me cry. I’m a big Doctor Who fan, and i really felt like i was finally in London.

A highlight of London was definitely Madame Tussauds. I enjoyed the wax museum more than I thought I would, and can’t wait to go back.


(I know I look like an idiot.)

We definitely didn’t spend enough time in London. We spent most of our time in the traffic of the sightseeing bus…

And on our last night, we went to see Les Miserables on the West End. A YouTuber, Carrie Hope Fletcher was playing Eponine, and it was an amazing experience to see her perform it. We sat in the second row, and I loved it.


Then we embarked on a 12 day TopDeck tour. It was fast paced, skimming the tops of places, but it was a good introduction into where I’d like to go back and over all, it was a great tour. We went to Amsterdam, Venice, Florence, Rome, Austria, Lucerne, Munich, Paris.

Amsterdam, where we came back to after the tour, was very cool. We went to a sex show, which was definitely an ice breaker for the group. It was a fun/funny experience, I’m definitely not a prude, but the actual ‘sex’ was pretty gross. Still- something I feel like you should do WHEN IN AMSTERDAM.
Next up was Munich, which I really loved. It was a very cool ‘vibe’ and the best part was when we were walking around in the evening, taking in the surroundings. We got dinner at Hard Rock Cafe because the Hofbrauhouse, although apparently something you ‘have’ to experience, was just too much for me. It smelt like sausages, sweat and beer and I honestly couldn’t handle being in there.


Then, we got ice cream and walked through the square of Munich where a German band were performing on the streets. They were hilarious and doing covers of pop songs which definitely a highlight. We saw a street artist doing amazing spray paint work, and one of the most chill evenings, was one of my favourites.


Next, was the Austrian Alps, which, although it was beautiful, was a letdown. We had booked to go paragliding and due to weather, it kept being delayed until it was eventually cancelled. It was very disappointing, as both my boyfriend and I are very comfort zone’ people, and we were so excited to do something with our adrenaline! Luckily, we had also booked a beer tasting and the evening was really enjoyable. The place the group stayed at was a family owned lodge, and the wife made a homemade three course meal for everybody, which was amazing. Then we went to the beer tasting, which was extremely fun even though I usually hate beer.
My boyfriend then did ‘The Fuck challenge’ which isn’t as auspicious as it sounds. There’s a coffee liqueur called ‘Fuck’ in Austria, and they have a challenge of five shots, which is performed like a ceremony. He got a certificate and everything. It was hilarious and the husband, a liquor enthusiast, proceeded to give the boys of the group a lesson in shots.

Next up was Venice, which was definitely one of the most beautiful places in the world.


The Gondola ride was amazing, the weather was beyond warm, and I was having a good hair day. It was all exploring the city and buying cool souvenirs.


P.s. the Gondola drivers were HILARIOUS.
Next up was Rome, which honestly, was my least favourite. It was SO HOT, so busy, full of scammers, and the Trevi Fountain, which i was looking forward to the most, was closed.for construction. My favourite part of Rome was the Gelato.


Then- Florence! CULTURE CULTURE CULTURE! Everybody loved this city. The TopDeck group went out to a bar this night- which was very cool- but I wasn’t feeling well… 😐
It was a karaoke bar that was hosting a Christmas In July night (even though it was June) so everybody was wearing Santa hats. There was a Contiki group there too, and they were all mental. This is where my group bonded and boyfriend drank his weight in beer.


I was feeling awful towards the end of the night, and this made my morning hell the next day when we set off to Switzerland. Puking in the hotel and taking every tablet that could possibly help me on the bus ride, was my introduction to one of the countries I was most loping forward to. It was not fun, but at least it was only terrible for 24 hours. The city was beautiful, but I felt like we were there for 5 seconds.


Then, our last stop on the tour, Paris. We also went back here as our actual stop. Most of Paris was exploring. We went on a cruise tour, saw the statue of David, and visited Musee D’orsay.

Here, the tour ended. We caught a train to Amsterdam and met my aunty who lives there. We stayed there just over a week and spent a lot of it recuperating. We did a lot of shopping and exploring the city. My favourite day, we went to the Van Gogh museum and the Anne Frank house. Both were absolutely amazing experiences. I have also been a huge fan of Van Gogh’s work and think his life was beautiful and tragic. He was such an amazing person, riddled with mental demons.
The Anne Frank house was much the same- I cried in both. Something I would definitely recommend to everyone.


Also- on our last day in Amsterdam, we went to my aunty’s favourite cafe ‘Bagel & Beans’ which was literally my favourite place to eat ever. My regret was not finding it on Day one and returning every day since.


My step sister who has moved to Belgium, was getting married, so we travelled there! It was an amazing experience to connect with my sister’s family (It was my little sister’s sister’s wedding. Don’t ask. My family is very confusing) and be able to attend the wedding!
We stayed in Belgium for a few days. It was awesome to be overseas with my little sister Angie, who I’m very close with, and who luckily, gets along well with my boyfriend too.

The wedding was one of the most beautiful things I have ever been a part of. The couple are so happy. She moved around the world for him, now speaks his languages and fits in with his family, and their happiness is infectious. The wedding took place in an apple orchard in a small town in Belgium and the reception was in a huge circus tent decorated with bunting and wild flowers. I snuck my underage sister the apple juice champagne, and we danced.

The rest of the time in Belgium was mostly chilled, taking walks and hanging out with my two favourite people.

IMG_8207 1

It was my boyfriend’s birthday and we went for a picnic in the gardens.
We also made a day trip to Bruges, which was so old world and beautiful. So many quaint shops, including an amazing crystal place that I wanted to make my home, and an op shop type place that was stacked to the ceiling with vintage photographs and collectables.


After leaving Belgium, my boyfriend and I went to Paris for our last couple of days. My highlights were finding the cafe that Amelie works at, in the french film ‘Amelie.’ (MY FAVOURITE FILM) We also had dinner at Cafe Renaissance where a scene in Inglorious Basterds was filmed, with Shoshanna.


We also made a day trip to Monet’s Garden, which was absolutely INCREDIBLE. Monet is another one of my favourite artists, I do love the impressionists, and seeing the place where he lived and created so many beautiful artworks, was genuinely inspiring.


The day was cloudy, and the photographs don’t do the place justice, but this is somewhere I cannot wait to go back!

I may extrapolate on some of the places in other blog posts but this is just an over view of my trip. 🙂 I’m a big travel bug- and hopefully travelling within a few months.